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Nozzles and Other Must-Have Sewer Cleaning Tools for Every Plumber

Every plumber should have an assortment of tools in his or her arsenal. If you want to be regarded as a reliable professional, you need to have the most essential sewer cleaning tools at your disposal.

Basic Handheld Tools

No plumber should ever go without basic handheld tools. First on the list are products that you can use to pry off a manhole lid, like a manhole hook, digging bar, or sledge hammer. Once you’ve gained access to a manhole using these tools, you will need to check for gases that can cause an explosion. For this, a gas monitor is a must-have, especially if you’re working in the main sewer lines.


Choosing the Best Sewer Cameras for a Successful Plumbing Business

Every plumber or drain cleaning professional needs to have three essential tools to get the job done right: a portable water jetter, a cable machine, and most importantly, a sewer camera. Why the emphasis on the sewer camera? That’s because this equipment is essential to the accurate detection and diagnosis of piping and draining problems. Consequently, you need to equip yourself with the best sewer cameras for responding to an emergency plumbing call.

High-Tech Features

Every sewer inspection tool you use should be up to date so you can take advantage of the most advanced features. One particular quality you should look for in a sewer camera is versatility. It should be able to do any type of job without difficulty, whether you’re using it in a city’s main line or in residential sewers. Today’s most high-tech sewer cameras offer a variety of features like HD-quality pictures, lamp lights, thick cables for larger lines and battery operation capabilities.

Used Street Sweepers and Vacuum Trucks for Sale: Maintenance Tips

Buying used equipment is often a practical solution for any industry and local government. When it comes to keeping city streets and sewer lines clean, for instance, you can look for secondhand street sweepers and used vacuum trucks for sale. This option should help you save your community’s financial resources.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that your cleaning equipment will eventually sustain extreme wear and tear, especially if you’re serving a large or calamity-prone city. Expect even greater challenges if the area is typically littered with waste. Sewer maintenance can likewise be challenging if you have to deal with substances that are difficult to remove (like the great fat, grease, and oil problem of New York City and other highly urbanized areas). You may always have to deal with flooded streets (and the messy aftermath of floods) if your area is prone to flooding.