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Different Sewer Nozzles Have Different Cleaning Functions and Uses

“Sewer pipe cleaning entails a careful and strategic process that operators have to follow in order to successfully remove clogs. Cleaning contractors have a range of options to choose from when it comes to the sewer cleaning tools that they will use. When it comes to high-pressure waterjet cleaning, there is no such thing as one nozzle fits all.

Drain backups occur for various reasons and with each particular case is a specific nozzle type that can best remove the clog and restore the sewer lines to optimum running condition. Since there are different things that could be clogging up the sewer lines, cleaning operators may need a couple of quality sewer nozzles at the ready. Jim Aanderud wrote in Cleaner explaining that the kind of blockage determines the nozzle type required.”


Sewer Cameras Give Homebuyers an Idea of the State of Their Drainage

“Foregoing sewer video inspections is a risk that homebuyers unknowingly take, because problems do not seem evident during the first routine home inspection. Not everyone is aware how problems within the sewer lines can cause inconveniences and health hazards. Because the problems are deep down within the pipes, people will need to dig or use sewer inspection equipment to find out if there’s something wrong with the system.

Cameras are the most convenient way to inspect the lines and, with the affordable cost of sewer inspections, buyers can ideally opt for the latter. The use of sewer cameras is not a new concept and such equipment is easily available from distributors like Haaker Equipment Company.”

Common Types to Look Into when Looking for a Street Sweeper for Sale

“Waterless Dust Control

This equipment relies on a fan and filter system combined with a mechanical broom attachment. It doesn’t use water, so it’s an excellent choice for sweeping streets in freezing temperatures, not to mention these can also be used in industrial applications like removing cement and water-reactive compounds.

Companies like HAAKER can provide you with a quality street sweeper; you only need to know which one suits your specific application preferences. Moreover, while you’re at it, you should also look into trusted brands like the Elgin street sweeper line, as they are commonly known to be durable and efficient.”