Monthly Archives: August 2014

Keeping the Pressure Right

Vacuum trucks are a boon for local utility companies. Regular sewer cleaning without these trucks and their powerful suction systems are all but impossible. Nevertheless, it pays to know that the trucks themselves are only as good as the quality of its parts, namely the sewer nozzles. Without the nozzles, sewage cleaning will be less effective. Continue reading


Cleaning Out Commercial Sewage Lines: Tips for Choosing Sewer Nozzles

Although the sewer line in Kenosha is a bit bigger than the ones found in residences, the same logic applies: they need to be cleaned properly to avoid clogs and backups. To do this, you’ll need to stock up on powerful sewer nozzles and other cleaning equipment.

Renting a Street Sweeper Truck is Better

Tidying up streets is easier said than done. While the garbage in one section of the road may seem few and manageable by manual cleanup, other parts of the road may make the chore a burden. Fortunately, street sweeping trucks are now available to help human street sweepers handle great deals of garbage. Continue reading