Monthly Archives: May 2014

How to Choose the Right Sewer Nozzles

When it comes to drain and pipeline cleaning, there’s no “one size fits all” nozzle. Nozzles have different functions and varying measurements. You have to be familiar with these specifications to get the right sewer nozzles for the job you have in mind. Continue reading


Street Sweeper Driver Duties and Qualifications

Street sweepers are complex vehicles used to clean roads through heavy duty mechanisms and tools. They also have the capacity to clear out clogged drainage systems and scrub off oil and other chemicals that cling to road surfaces. With these multiple functions, these machines, which are available for sale or rent, help local governments and private companies get rid of harmful pollutants in their surroundings. Continue reading

Why Use Mechanical Street Sweepers

Ridding a home’s backyard of clutter after a barbecue party requires patience, diligence, and a boatload of cleaning tools. However, this is merely several hundreds of square foot of land to clean and can thus be accomplished by one or two persons. Street sweeping, on the other hand, is a totally different story. It will take hundreds of people to get rid of clutter spanning several miles. Continue reading