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Elgin Street Sweeper For Sale Might Help Solve California Water Crisis

Water pollution is caused by many factors and one of them is the accumulation of waste or junk collected from streets and gutters. When these roadway pollutants enter waterways, they eventually reach creeks, beaches, bays and rivers. The result can be deadly not only to the marine habitat, but also to the drinking water system.

One of the most effective ways to eliminate road trash and debris such as leaves, paper or other particles found in gutters, is street sweeping. This method improves air quality and prevents pollutants from entering stormwater systems and streams.

A street sweeper works by using forced air and a high-powered vacuum unit to collect particles or dirt. When high pressure air is blown onto the road, the vacuum lifts the particles and sends them into the machine’s hopper. The Elgin Street Sweeper is an example of a sweeping unit that can handle gutter trash and light materials such as grass, dirt, sand or small litter.


How to Select Sewer Nozzles

Sewer cleaning can be a burdensome task, but it can be simplified with appropriate sewer nozzles. Nozzles are used to get rid of blockages and other stubborn grease deposits. In choosing nozzles, you have to be familiar with the pump capacity and pressure so you don’t end up having a misfit for the project. According to experts, nozzles largely depend on hose size ― if you have a one inch hose, then you will need a one inch nozzle.

Jetting systems create high pressure and they will only work at an optimum level if the pressure is fixed at the nozzle end. Some of the things to look for in an ideal nozzle include number of jets, the size of the jets, the gallons per minute (gpm) delivered by the truck, the hose length, and the pressure needed to remove the debris. Experts say that the appropriate end hose pressure ranges from 850 to 950 psi.

If you are to clean 3 to 6-inch sewer lines, you have to use drilled nozzles or a replaceable-orifice debris remover. On the other hand, 8 to 15-inch sewer lines need rounded nozzles with four to eight jets. You also have to ensure that your truck supplies enough gpm so that bigger jets can easily navigate the pipe.

Communicate with your supplier if you are having trouble selecting nozzles. If you know what you need and you have sufficient information at hand, you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Vactor Truck Rentals, Solution to Flushable Wipes Clogging of Sewers?

While the manufacturers defend the disposable quality of their wipes, the fact remains that this has caused sewer problems to elevate all over the country. In fact, the article even mentions that:

[…] sewer officials [in Vancouver, Washington] say wipes labeled as flushable are a big part of a problem that has caused that city to spend more than $1 million in the last five years

One solution is heavy-duty sewer cleaning equipment such as a Vactor truck from HAAKER Equipment Company, which can get out the most stubborn clogs. For this reason, many municipalities and others have turned to Vactor truck rental companies for help in unclogging their sewer systems.

People should be careful when it comes to the things that they flush away from their homes. Out of sight isn’t necessarily out of mind. The non-disposable things that you throw away may still come back to haunt you or your community by gathering in your sewer system and causing quite a mess for someone else to deal wit