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A Discussion on Clogged Sewers

A clogged sewage drain is one of the things homeowners would never want to encounter. A clogged drain may cause waste water, which is supposed to go down the drain, to go back up and flood the entire house. Besides the rancid smell of waste water, the house will also be at risk of being infested by mold and mildew colonies.

To avoid putting family members and the house at risk, it is important to keep the sewer lines clean. In fact, your sewer system will let you know if it needs attention, mostly in the form of signs that you can’t possible ignore.

The surest sign of a potential problem is when your kitchen and bathroom drains don’t function properly. Note that if the sink in the bathroom won’t work but the kitchen sink works just fine, then a secondary line may be clogged. Any drain in the household could regurgitate waste water if the problem lies within the main sewer line.

There are two probable causes of clogged pipes. Older houses may likely expect tree roots penetrating the pipes, thereby obstructing water flow. Newer houses, on the other hand, have feminine products, paper towels, and other whatnots that people flush down their drains as main causes of obstructed drains.

If households experience issues with their drains or sewer lines, it is imperative that they call a sewer cleaning company to help deal with the matter as soon as possible.


Plumbing Care: Using Sewer Nozzles and Other Tools to Keep Pipes Clean

“Your home’s plumbing system needs to be well-maintained. It doesn’t just bring clean water for your family’s use, but also takes waste water or sewage away from your house. Any problems along the pipeline can cause sanitation problems like dirty water backing up the lines or overflowing toilets. Such headaches can be avoided by routine maintenance using different sewer cleaning tools.

One of the most effective means of cleaning the drains and sewer lines of your home is via water jetting with the use of well-made sewer nozzles. Indeed, combined with heavy-duty pumps found on Vactor trucks rented out from companies like Haaker Equipment Company, the right sewer nozzle can thoroughly clean out your dirty or clogged home plumbing. Scott Paquet wrote about how sewer nozzles were developed in an article for Trenchless Technology.”

Tips to Remember When Renting a Street Sweeper

If this is your first time renting out a street sweeper, know that all street sweepers are not made equal. Each sweeper excels in a different area, so be sure to rent out the one that is up to the task you need to get done. How do you choose the best unit? Here are a few tips:

Cleaning Power

Cleaning power differs with each sweeper. To help you choose the right one, ask yourself this question: “How many miles do I need to clean, and how much time do I have to clean it?”

Once you’ve answered that question, share you answer with the rental service representative. He or she will be able to provide you with a list of sweepers that can effectively get the job done.

Comfort Level

Comfort features like heated seats are often overlooked. They shouldn’t be overlooked though. Don’t forget that a comfortable operator is an efficient operator. With that in mind, you may want to get the input of the operator before renting a sweeper.

Safety First

Once the street sweeper is delivered, take the time to test it out before accepting the delivery. In particular, go conduct a safety inspection of the unit. Street sweepers have very bulky frames, which can present a safety hazard for passers-by and other vehicles. Make sure all warning lights, signs, and sirens are working properly before accepting the sweeper.