Keep Your Construction Work Area Clean with a Street Sweeper Rental

In many areas of California and Nevada, construction companies are active with many new clients to serve on a regular basis. While your own business may be booming as well, you may be well aware that it may be necessary or beneficial to keep the street and perhaps the sidewalk near your work areas clean. These areas can get caked with mud, and they can get littered with construction debris. With this in mind, there are a few different options available for you to clean the work area, and one of the best options is with a Vactor truck or street sweeper.

What These Trucks Do

With street sweeper rental or with your purchase of a truck, your team can more quickly and easily clean the work area and the surround space. These are powerful trucks that are designed with strong, rotating heads that essentially scrub the street and suction up the dirt and debris. Everything from mud to nails and more can be removed through this cleaning process.

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