Weighing the Advantages: Vactor Truck Rental Services versus Purchases

Vactor trucks are the proven leaders in sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation. If you’re trying to run any type of business that requires the use of these trucks, then you’ll need to decide whether you should invest in Vactor truck rental services or purchase a truck outright. Either option comes with its advantages, so deciding which one is right for your company depends on your specific needs and business goals.

Truck Maintenance

If you decide to purchase a truck outright, then you’ll be responsible for its maintenance. Just like all other automobiles and major pieces of heavy equipment, Vactor trucks have to be maintained to keep them in proper working order. However, if you choose to go the rental route, then you won’t have to deal with securing Vactor truck parts and replacing them when something goes wrong with the truck; the rental company will do all of that for you.

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