Do You Need Sewer Cleaning? Some Warning Signs

Typically, communities have regular schedules for sewer cleaning, but there will be instances that may bring the need to do it earlier. There can be a storm or a flash flood that overwhelms your sewer lines, or perhaps a part of the sewers fails because of wear and tear. In these scenarios, you have to observe some warning signs that tell if you need to call in your Vactor truck company, so you can get the suitable equipment and have the problem resolved:

Foul Smell

There may be parts of the city where residents, business managers, or passers-by complain of stinky odors reminiscent of wastewater and sewage. Certain weather conditions, such as rainy days or heat waves, can trigger these foul smells from time to time.

Sewage Backup

Residents and business owners may report sewage backups, especially after a flood that increases the pressure in your sewer system. These situations involve discolored and odorous water backing up in drains of the lowest parts of their homes–basements, usually.

Contaminated Water Storage or Sites

When the routine inspection of your area’s drinking water treatment facility, beaches, and lakes reveal abnormally high levels of pathogens or toxins, there may have been a sewage spill that needs to be cleaned up.

In these circumstances, you need a truck with specialized truck parts like cameras, hoses, and vacuums to localize the clogs and clear them out immediately.

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