Keeping your Vactor truck in Tip-top Shape

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes require regular check-ups to ensure performance and efficiency. However, maintaining a vacuum truck takes a bit more work than maintaining your personal car. Done correctly and in a timely manner, these inspections can extend the lifespan of your truck and save money on repair bills.

Basic functionalities

To prolong the life of your truck and ensure its running condition, verify that all rigs and equipment are secured for travel. Under the hood, check all fluid levels (including fuel) and the condition of belts and hoses. Test all signal lights, then check parking and driving brakes.

Equipment rundown

Prepare a pre-departure equipment checklist. All safety gear should be present. All hydraulic and electrical functions should be operational. Depending on the type of setup, make sure you refer to the operations manual for preventive maintenance pointers, and tips on how to troubleshoot any technical issues.

Many dealers and manufacturers will provide operator safety and maintenance training upon delivery of the rig. This is the best time to ask for clarifications about your rig’s operation and maintenance issues, and prevent downtime caused by operator error.

Dealer assistance

Any kind of dealer-provided maintenance agreement for your vehicle is highly-recommended. You should take advantage of the routine maintenance provided by manufacturers such as Vactor. Professional service, as well as original Vactor truck parts, could save money for your business in the long run. Equipment and vehicles that have been on routine maintenance usually command higher re-sale values.

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