Blast the Past: Using Sewer Nozzles

Sewers are vital in the upkeep and maintenance of waste and water around homes and commercial buildings. You can even say that normal, sanitary life would not be possible without the convenience of sewer systems. Unless a building is using a septic tank to store all its waste, all its drains and pipes typically lead down to a community-shared sewerage system.

While handy in keeping out filth and used water, sewers can experience clogs every now and then. These blockages are difficult to clear out without specialized tools, or without actually breaking open the pipes themselves. Owners of these sewer lines should not resort to digging up and smashing their sewer lines just to unclog them; instead, they should use sewer nozzles to get the job done.

Sewer nozzles are specialized cleaning fixtures that can be attached to the end of pressure washers and snaked inside a sewer line. A nozzle has orifices positioned in a way such that a powerful jet of water constantly shoots from the front while similar jets also discharge from the back of the nozzle’s head. The jet that fires from the front is powerful enough to clear away the most stubborn waste, while the jets aimed backwards are designed to both clear the sides of the pipe and propel the head forward.

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