Keeping the Pressure Right

Vacuum trucks are a boon for local utility companies. Regular sewer cleaning without these trucks and their powerful suction systems are all but impossible. Nevertheless, it pays to know that the trucks themselves are only as good as the quality of its parts, namely the sewer nozzles. Without the nozzles, sewage cleaning will be less effective.

To understand further, it’s important to understand what these do. The nozzles are attached to a hose that direct the intensity of water flow. Debris, mortar, and even solidified grease are among the most common residues that clog your pipes. The pressure to be applied in shoving down water depends on how big and hard the clog has become. Tougher, more voluminous clogs require more power than normal to entirely dislodge the material.

It’s never true that one is good for all in this case. In order to complete a job, workers are expected to use at least several kinds of nozzles to attend to specific concerns and areas. Over the years, more classifications have been invented to maximize the use of nozzles. For some deep cases, a camera can be used with the trucks in order to have a clear sight of the target and the cleaning’s impact.

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