Everything You Need to Know About Street Sweepers

Street sweepers have been around ever since streets needed cleaning, but the first mechanical street sweepers didn’t come until the 1800s, predating the automobile. One of the first cities in the U.S. to adopt a street sweeper vehicle was Blaise, Idaho, when they bought an Elgin street sweeper in 1914. Since then, the Illinois-based company has become one of the largest manufacturers of street sweepers.

Modern street sweepers use various sweeping technologies that make them a cut above other utility vehicles. Some use “regenerative air” to lift particulates from the surface of a street and suck them using a vacuum machine. Others are equipped with “dry sweepers” to pick up bulky debris from the surface without using water. A few rely on old fashioned “broom sweepers” that mechanically pick up debris and send them to a container or hopper.

Contrary to what their name implies, street sweepers aren’t entirely used to clean streets and roadways. They are also needed to help tidy up construction sites, airport runways, pedestrian lanes, and parking lots, provided that these places are properly paved. Compact street sweepers are used to clean the cement floors of industrial sites and massive warehouses. Many businesses and municipalities are proud to have these versatile vehicles.

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