Clogged Lines: How Professionals Deal with Them

Clogged sewer lines are a problem that often pops up for homeowners. The best way to deal with clogging is to call the professionals. You don’t want to have a burst sewer line on your property caused by clogs, mostly because of the mess it would make and the expense required to clean up. Here’s how the specialists deal with clogs.

  • Chemical solutions. If you’ve ever poured drain cleaners down your sink, you’ll be able to understand how this works. Instead of the usual mix, professionals often pour copper sulfate to clean roots out. owHowever, the chemical is quickly flushed out of the system. An additional problem is that the substance is not always allowed for use in municipalities, mostly because of its toxicity. Other chemical options are available like root-killing foam made up of metam-sodium and dichlobenil, which is designed to stick to pipes for a longer duration.
  • Mechanical solutions. When chemicals do not work or are not allowed in the first place, sewer professionals resort to physical solutions. An example would be using sewer augers; similar to toilet augers, the sewer-use version is longer and operated from the back of a truck. Another option is the use of sewer nozzles, which are pushed down the sewer line by a high-pressure jet of water; this cleans everything out of the way.
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