Different Types of Street Sweepers by Application

Ever since cities have become too expansive and urbanized for people to sweep up the streets on their own, machines have been made to do the job more efficiently. Today, there are many street sweepers that might be roaming your community’s streets, varying in a large part when it comes to their function and the tools they are equipped with.

Mechanical Brooms

The mechanical broom is quite a simple piece of equipment. Basically, it picks up dirt and debris from the streets via a main broom, which carry them up to a conveyor and into a hopper. These components make mechanical brooms perfect for clearing up construction or milling debris from work sites.

Pure Vacuum

Pure vacuum sweepers work pretty much like your vacuum cleaner at home. It collects loose debris or dirt particles that are right under the suction nozzle, thereby resulting in a more thorough clean than provided by the mechanical broom. This equipment is mostly used in roads with many potholes and other surface hollows or depressions that ordinary sweepers might not be able to reach into.

Regenerative Air

Regenerative air cleaners use a blast of air to dislodge debris and deliver them into an airstream that brings the material into a vacuum hose and into a hopper. The airflow circulates back into the system, thus the name. This equipment is ideal for paved and otherwise flat city or municipal roads.

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