The Truth about Flushable Wipes

Their manufacturers call them the better alternative to toilet paper, claiming that they won’t ever clog drains and sewers like their ‘dry paper’ counterparts. That said, are flushable wipes really safe for sewer systems? Unfortunately, the answer is no. All over the country, flushable wipes are breaking the banks of property owners who are footing the bill to get them out.

Although flushable wipes are creating plenty of jobs for plumbers and Vactor truck rental services alike, true professionals would want to keep their customers educated about what not to put into their drains. It may say ‘flushable’ on their labels, but flushable wipes are far from that—they simply don’t dissolve as quickly as ordinary toilet paper does. Sure, they will flush, but more often than not, they’ll get caught up on something, eventually causing build-up, and soon, a serious clog.

As a property owner, you should tell your tenants to avoid using these products entirely. If your system is already clogged and you discover that flushable wipes are behind it, it behooves you to rent a Vactor truck instead of using an ordinary sump pump to get rid of the clog—too many a sump pump have been destroyed when the wipes get sucked up into their inner mechanisms.

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