A Discussion on Clogged Sewers

A clogged sewage drain is one of the things homeowners would never want to encounter. A clogged drain may cause waste water, which is supposed to go down the drain, to go back up and flood the entire house. Besides the rancid smell of waste water, the house will also be at risk of being infested by mold and mildew colonies.

To avoid putting family members and the house at risk, it is important to keep the sewer lines clean. In fact, your sewer system will let you know if it needs attention, mostly in the form of signs that you can’t possible ignore.

The surest sign of a potential problem is when your kitchen and bathroom drains don’t function properly. Note that if the sink in the bathroom won’t work but the kitchen sink works just fine, then a secondary line may be clogged. Any drain in the household could regurgitate waste water if the problem lies within the main sewer line.

There are two probable causes of clogged pipes. Older houses may likely expect tree roots penetrating the pipes, thereby obstructing water flow. Newer houses, on the other hand, have feminine products, paper towels, and other whatnots that people flush down their drains as main causes of obstructed drains.

If households experience issues with their drains or sewer lines, it is imperative that they call a sewer cleaning company to help deal with the matter as soon as possible.

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