Vactor Trucks and What They Can Do

A vactor truck, often called by its alternate name, vacuum trucks, are mainly used to clean up sewer lines. This is done by using the vehicle’s powerful vacuum pump, which sends high-pressure water into the lines to clear any debris. The direction is then reversed so that the truck sucks up the  debris.

Vactor trucks are also used on a regular basis to empty septic tanks and do catch basin cleaning. They are effective tools that many independent contractors and chemical companies use them for the same purpose. Vactor trucks have been useful as well for other objectives, such as in specialized situations. They are used to help locate underground lines, as well as in rescue efforts for cave-ins. Finally, they are used for cleaning up any chemical or oil spills.

The latest use for them is hydro excavation. Using the high-pressure water jet to cut into the ground, while the vacuum removes the debris, a vactor truck is also being used to excavate into the ground. The method has been found to be both safe and efficient as utility lines are left undisturbed. Vactor trucks are quite useful in many ways that many municipalities have been buying and owning a few of these trucks for sewer cleaning and excavating jobs.

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