How to Choose the Right Sewer Nozzles

When it comes to drain and pipeline cleaning, there’s no “one size fits all” nozzle. Nozzles have different functions and varying measurements. You have to be familiar with these specifications to get the right sewer nozzles for the job you have in mind.

Based on Uses

There are different types of nozzles for different cleaning demands. Standard cleaning or spinning nozzles can be used to remove minor clogs or sludge deposits. For frozen pipes or more difficult blockages like mud, stone, gravel, and sand, look instead for penetrators or chisel point nozzles. Most products are labelled for their intended use.

Based on Water Flow

For the efficiency of water flow, nozzles are classified under three tiers. Tier one nozzles’ orifices are drilled out in different locations, sizes, and angles that unfortunately produce inefficient water movement. Tier two nozzles, on the other hand, have replaceable jet inserts that produce more precise water streams. Lastly, tier three’s design offers maximum water flow efficiency, which makes for optimum cleaning efficiency too.

Based on Sizes

Nozzles are manufactured for standard or custom diameters, water capacity (gallons per minute of GPM), and pressure (PSI) requirements of the jetter equipment used (i.e. the hose, the truck’s pump, etc.). While consumer-grade sewer jetter nozzles are the cheapest and easiest to find, although they have wide variations in sizes. Professional-grade or branded products and custom-made nozzles would be preferable to precisely match your specifications.

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