Street Sweeper Driver Duties and Qualifications

Street sweepers are complex vehicles used to clean roads through heavy duty mechanisms and tools. They also have the capacity to clear out clogged drainage systems and scrub off oil and other chemicals that cling to road surfaces. With these multiple functions, these machines, which are available for sale or rent, help local governments and private companies get rid of harmful pollutants in their surroundings.

While boasting of numerous functions, the street sweeper is essentially a public utility vehicle that needs a driver. As it’s no ordinary car or truck though, only qualified people can operate street sweepers. Drivers must be at least a Class B driver to properly operate the vehicle. Prior experience operating similar vehicles and no record of any driving-related accidents are also a big plus. Other requirements include high school education and good conduct.

A street sweeper has multiple mechanisms that allow it to effectively clean and sanitize roads, but this can only be accomplished if its operator knows how to properly handle the vehicle. As they say, a Ferrari is only as good as its driver. In addition, the use of a street sweeper requires the help of motorists and pedestrians. The operator must first coordinate with these people to move their parked cars to other locations and stay away from the roads while cleaning is ongoing. This way, the street sweeper driver can safely and efficiently clean the roads for people’s health and safety.

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