Vactor Trucks: Should You Buy New or Used?

As much as local and state governments want to keep their territories clean and well-maintained at all times, they don’t always have the budget to purchase and maintain a fleet of new utility vehicles. This is the reason why companies or retailers that sell brand new Vactor trucks usually sell used or pre-owned trucks as well. Whether or not used trucks are a better deal than new ones, or vice versa, depends on a variety of factors.

Obviously, brand new Vactor trucks are sold in mint condition and likely to have very long service lives. Used trucks, on the other hand, are sold in any condition and may or may not have underlying maintenance or performance issues. That said, used trucks are less expensive and can even prove to be a great bargain if they still have standing warranties and were properly taken care of prior to the sale.

Performance-wise, brand new Vactor trucks usually trump their pre-owned counterparts. However, performance may have more to do with the model and its manufacturer rather than the condition or service life of the truck. Some trucks are designed with robustness in mind, which means they’re likely to serve well even when pre-owned. Meanwhile other models require frequent maintenance even when they haven’t been used often.

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