Street Sweepers: Beyond Cleaning Roads

Street sweepers not only keep roads and paved lots clean. Indirectly, they also keep the air in and above the city safe to breathe.


Many street sweepers in the market are certified up to PM10 efficiency. PM10 refers to dust and particles in the air that are less than 10 µm in diameter, which is around the same width as a strand of human hair. At this size, it’s easy for PM10 particles to get into a person’s respiratory system and wreak serious havoc on one’s health.


States like California encourage, if not require, cities and towns to invest in a PM10-certified street sweeper due to the particulates’ effects on health. Since the respiratory system responds to particulate invasion or irritation with mucus production to trap the foreign particles, symptoms may include coughing and difficulty in breathing. PM10 particles include, but are not limited to, car emissions, mold spores, and pollen.


PM10-certified street sweepers must also reduce its own emissions while in operation. For this, the equipment can be customized with engines designed to run on clean fuel such as liquefied petroleum gas and compressed natural gas. These fuels emit 30 percent less greenhouse gases than their conventional counterparts thanks to their low carbon content.

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