Vacuum Trucks: Unclogging and Cleaning Machines

The most vital systems in any community that should always be kept working effectively include the sewage system and stormwater catch basin. Unfortunately, sewers and catch basins do get clogged from time to time, and manually cleaning such blocked systems can be considered close to impossible. Thankfully, there are vacuum and sewer cleaning trucks that hold the key to having clean, free-flowing sewers.

These trucks are big, bad machines that undoubtedly pack a punch, as far as unclogging sewage systems is concerned. Basically giant vacuums that come with wheels, they masterfully suck out all forms of debris and other waste materials that have solidified inside pipes. They also come with powerful jetter hoses to break down the debris that affect the flow and performance of sewers and catch basins.

Additionally, they are able to cut and dispose of tree roots that have reached into sewers. For gathering all accumulated waste, they are equipped with a giant tank, which is able to store the waste temporarily until it is brought to the appropriate place of disposal.

Given the abilities of these super machines, it doesn’t come as a surprise that communities and municipalities pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to have their very own unit.

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