Choosing the Right Sewer Nozzle for the Job

Keeping sewers clean helps prevent overflows, especially when heavy rains are expected in the area. Many of us have no idea about what goes into the process of cleaning sewers and how important selecting the right kind of nozzle for the job is. In order to get a deeper understanding of the subject, we need to look into the relationship between pressure and flow ratio and how this can affect the cleaning performance of a nozzle.

Different sewer nozzles are designed for particular types of cleaning applications. That means, in order for them to work effectively, they have to be used for their intended purposes and for those purposes alone. In the case of sewers that have a massive accumulation of sludge, the flow that passes through the nozzle and the pressure both need to be adjusted accordingly.

High pressure sewer nozzles are perfect for substantial sewer-cleaning projects. They are effective at removing slush quickly and thoroughly. Together with other sewer cleaning tools, they are the ultimate solution to the daunting and difficult task of washing out layer upon layer of stubborn sludge that collects at the bottom of sewers in major cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Equipment companies, like Haaker, offer multiple lines of sewer nozzles, including KEG Technologies, ENZ USA, Vactor OEM, Stoneage, Warthog, Shamrock, and many others suitable for any cleaning application.

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