Efficient Sweepers for Clean and Green Streets

First impressions always matter. Curb appeal usually plays a significant role in sending out a message to those who will see your facilities. With a little help from street sweepers, you’re sure that the message you’re conveying is positive.

Before you purchase a durable street sweeper, take note and consider some of these factors for easier upkeep of your property:

High torque diesel engine
A smart, powerful engine combined with a reliable chassis provides greater fuel efficiency and simpler upkeep. Its intelligent design makes it easier to handle and increases its service life.

Outstanding movement
Street sweepers that feature a high steering angle and a small turning radius help your operators sweep narrow streets and cul-de-sacs, and follow roads without climbing the sidewalks. Moreover, it helps operators steer into various places safely and securely, even in tight spaces.

Dynamic sweeping system
Sweeping systems may be controlled hydraulically or mechanically. Both systems offer great sweeping ability to collect a wide array of litter and debris, such as fine sand and dirt from cracks, as well as bulky items like coffee cups and leaves. In addition, its brooms adjust accordingly so it consistently clean and take in debris from different kinds of surfaces.

Effortless controls and clear views
An accessible control panel should be centrally placed on the operator cab. Your operator can regulate and monitor various operations like sweep, dump, spray water and hopper from the switch, and supervise equipment activity, and car/foot traffic through a clear, tempered glass window.

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