Sewer Nozzles and Picking the Best Ones

Problems involving sewer pipes and drains are serious matters that require the help of professionals. Even the task of cleaning and maintaining them to avoid clogs entails sewer cleaning contractors who are equipped not only with the knowledge, but also the right equipment. Contractors who are really serious in building a solid reputation offer some of the latest methods like high-pressure cleaning, which involve using the right types of sewer nozzles.

Understanding the basics

Sewer cleaning contractors must understand some fundamental aspects that affect the performance of the nozzles, and one of them is the relationship between pressure and flow. General drain cleaning and removal of common debris require a low pressure-high flow combination. On the other hand, harder materials that have accumulated in sewer pipes, like solidified grease and mortar, demand higher pressure and lower flow for them to loosen up and dislodge.

Nature of cleaning matters

The nature or type of cleaning to be conducted also determines which types of nozzles should be used. If you need to break blockages, then penetrating nozzles are you best bet. For light to medium roots, then slow rotating nozzles will work well.

Your sewer cleaning contractors should be knowledgeable about sewer nozzles in order for them to deliver the most effective and cost-efficient services required to address your kind of sewer-related problem.

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