The Street Sweeper’s Many Functions

Throughout the years, the street sweeper’s name is slowly becoming a misnomer. While the contraption does clean, it does more than simple sweeping. Streets and other spaces are indebted to these trucks for something as small-scale as cleaning between shelving units in a warehouse to macro-scaled duties like picking up substances that can potentially damage drainage and later on, the environment.


Sweepers come in different sizes and functions. Due to their size, the small three-wheeled sweepers are easily manipulated into cleaning tight and limited spaces like shelving units. The bigger sweepers like the four-wheelers – the Elgin Broom Bears, Eagles, Pelicans, and Air Sweepers – are designed with high dump capabilities to remove and dump heavy construction debris.

Sweepers are also green tools; they pick up elements that can contaminate the environment and eventually prevent these from reaching storm drains, rivers, and lakes.

The difference in functions can also be attributed to the difference in places. Roads, streets, construction sites and municipalities require various methods of sweeping which explains the numerous models of sweepers available.

In states like California and Nevada where street sanitation is top priority, sweeping programs have become necessary measures and sweepers are, of course, important tools. Esteemed contractors that use these equipment work hard to address every street sweeper rental need a city might have.

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