Types of Street Sweepers You Should Know

Responsible public maintenance personnel need to know the best ways of keeping their streets clean. Thankfully, today’s technology enables them to use a wide array of equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. These include:

Waterless Dust Control

This equipment relies on a fan and filter system combined with a mechanical broom attachment. In it, the filter captures the dust caught and delivered by the broom. It doesn’t use water, so it’s an excellent choice for sweeping streets in freezing temperatures. They can also be used in industrial applications like removing cement and other water reactive compounds.

Pure Vacuum Sweepers

The pure vacuum sweeper works by sucking in debris and depositing them onto a hopper. Since it uses air instead of a mechanical broom, it can be used for roads with uneven parts or inconsistencies, like potholes that the broom attachment might not reach. It is also one of the most efficient systems, clearing out as much as 99% of the debris.

The Mechanical Broom

Possibly the simplest and one of the most common cleaning equipment is the sweeper sporting a simple broom attachment. This is typically used to clean large debris like chunks of gravel, millings, and even garbage, as it simply picks them up with the broom and sends them over a conveyor where they will ultimately be delivered to a hopper for disposal.

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