Facts about Sewer Cleaning and Maintenance

In most cases, rainwater and septic systems are separate, with the latter running all the way from homes to municipal or city sewage treatment plants. Older U.S. cities however, use a combined or mixed system where both stormwater and septic waste are delivered to the aforementioned facilities. Each of these systems have their own means of cleaning and maintenance.

Types of Sewer Cleaning

Sometimes, your city sewage maintenance will use huge machines called vacuum or vactor trucks to evacuate sediment and garbage from your sewage tanks. Another cleaning system involves sewer jet trucks (which sometimes work hand in hand with the former) to deliver water to your tank using high pressures and a powerful hydraulic motor.

Sewer Repairs

To avoid sewer clogs and leaks from damaging your home, preventive inspections and repairs have to be done. Municipal contractors will often fix up the main sewer lines first, followed by the smaller systems that connect to residences and business establishments. One benefit of the separate sewer system is that it could translate to less maintenance needs and costs, as there is a smaller amount of water passing through the pipes.

Homeowner’s Duty

As the homeowner, you too have the duty of keeping your sewer lines clean and well-maintained. For one, you should keep it from accumulating contaminants like gasoline and oil, and objects that could clog the pipes like diapers and feminine products.

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