How Street Sweepers Work

Street sweeping is a very important part of every city’s sanitation. The type of cleaning machine used to remove debris and trash from streets and roadways is called a street sweeper. This machine can also be used in cleaning factories and parking lots. The kind of mechanical sweeper that there is today are large cab-over trucks that have a specialized cleaning tool equipped with brooms, filters, vacuums and sprays.

There are a lot of types of street sweepers. Most of them have a heavy bristled brush which sweeps the debris to a conveyor that then moves all of the dirt to a bin to be disposed of at a later time. However, the two main types of street sweeper are wet and dry units. The wet units consist of a large water tank and sprayers that help in loosening the dirt, while dry units are equipped with rollers and brushes.

Once the dirt is in the refuse hold, it will then be transferred to a shaking unit that separates the debris particles. The dirt is then sent to a filtering system; afterwards, the dust will be extracted and stored to be disposed of later.

Street sweepers do more than just keeping the streets clean; they are also used to pick up chemicals and motor oil that can harm the environment. If these harmful items are removed from streets, the less chances that they will end up in rivers and lakes that can damage the environment.

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