Quick Facts about Sewer Nozzles

Sewer nozzles constitute a part of a sewer jetter, which is used for maintenance work in a sewer system. Aiding in the process of ensuring that the sewer system functions efficiently, the nozzles pull up grades, around corners, and through traps in order to get rid of residue and other obstructions.


These nozzles play crucial roles in safeguarding the health of the community, as they facilitate the removal of waterborne waste. That being said, it is necessary to invest in high quality nozzles which can deliver favorable cleaning results.


High performance nozzles can also produce other benefits; among these are savings in time and money. More to the point, since the sewer cleaning process requires labor, water, and fuel, nozzles that can get the job done well can significantly reduce the demand for each resource in terms of amount.


Nozzles of good quality do more than offer solid cleaning efficiency. They also last longer. Since they can serve their purpose quite well, they don’t wear out prematurely.


The nozzles may just be small components of the whole sewer cleaning system but they nonetheless serve critical functions. Their performance will either lead to the success or failure of the system as a whole.

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