Street Sweepers: Essential to Cleaner Floodwater, Healthier Seas, River

Many modern cities are designed to have storm sewers so that when it rains, rainwater will simply flow towards the drainage. From there, it is led to treatment plants where it gets purified from pollutants until it is clean enough to be released into a body of water such as a sea or a river. Ideally, this is how things should go.

However, urban areas have one big problem— the runoff can be excessive at times. Naturally, the ground can absorb as much as 50 percent of rainwater, with both shallow and deep grounds receiving 25 percent each. Enough heat in the atmosphere gets 40 percent of rainwater evaporate and only the remaining 10 percent will create a runoff.

With so many paved roads, lots, and buildings in an urban setting, only 15 percent of rainwater can penetrate the ground and only 30 percent gets evapotranspirated. In most cases, the 55 percent runoff overwhelms the drainage and causes severe, stagnant, and dirty flooding. This is why motor-powered Elgin street sweepers are important in many cities.

If the streets are dirty, small particles of dirt can mix with rainwater to create stormwater. This is dangerous to the people who have to traverse flooded streets before the flooding subsides; for one, they could come into contact with bacteria that could cause diseases such as leptospirosis and Hepatitis A.

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