The Heart of the Vacuum Truck

Vacuum trucks are very complex machines, but their job is as simple as it gets: getting rid of anything that can be a flood hazard in the sewers. It’s a 20 to 40-ton multipurpose platform with an impressive array of sewage cleaning tools and water supply system. Three main components of the sewer truck stand out among the rest: the nozzle, the tank, and the fan. These parts form the heart of any vacuum truck, whose purpose is to ensure the smooth flow of sewers and storm water chambers.

The nozzle provides the channel from the sewers or storm water chambers to the tank at the back of the truck. It can move loads of debris, sludge, and slurry at a given time, making the cleanup after a heavy downpour or storm faster. The fan provides the immense suction power, creating enough force to dislodge even the toughest of debris. The collected debris end up in a tank where it settles for the rest of the process until the dumping.

From there, the vacuum truck can be equipped with additional tools, such as a hose reel at the front and water tanks on both sides. Every time local utility workers bring a vacuum truck on site, it’s as if they’re bringing an entire brigade of workers. It’s bristling with enough equipment to get the job done before the next storm hits.

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