EPA-regulated Sewer Cleaning Techniques

With the United States smack dab in the peak period of the Atlantic hurricane season, it is all the more important for local departments of public works to ensure that sewer cleaning is prioritized. This is needed because heavy rain is sure to direct debris into sewer systems and cause them to clog. In line with this, employees assigned with the tough job of sewer cleaning need to be trained on EPA-regulated sewer cleaning techniques.

Some of these methods include flushing, where heavy water flow is applied into a manhole to flush out unwanted elements, similar to how household toilets work. If there is a lot of debris and buildup, it is necessary to apply the jetting technique. Through the nozzles of a jetting machine, high-velocity water is directed against pipe walls to remove sludge and grease, while its vacuum function allows it to suck out obstructions.

It is also critical that workers apply proper waste disposal methods that will not harm the environment. Waste products that contain properties which can be harmful to human health and the ecosystem are referred to as hazardous waste, and untreated sewage falls under this category. Relying on highly efficient cleaning machines can assure people that waste is cleared and disposed of properly.


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