How to Help the Growing Trash Problem

While the government and some private companies have the means to free areas of stinky refuse, they can only do so much. Right now, America produces over 250 million tons of garbage every year. Recycling does its part to limit that gigantic amount into a more palatable number, but still, the vast majority of it goes into landfills, which are occupying more and more space as time goes by. 

Technology is doing its part to make trash collection more efficient. Powerful street sweeping trucks and other types of equipment are in place in major cities to help the process along, but its still not enough. Countries that have no access to scientific solutions still resort to dangerous manual trash collection, considering that toxic waste can be present in our garbage; even simple things such as used batteries can cause dreaded diseases if they leak.

Thus, every single person should do his/her part in helping to clean up his/her own city or town. There are too many examples of things you can do, but it can be limited into one very important thing: segregation. This is a quick and simple way that can help garbage collectors immensely. If everyone performs this simple concept consistently, we can turn the use of landfills around and not waste any more real estate on dump sites.

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