Bring in the Heavies! Types of Street Sweepers

For most people, sweeping entails using a broom and a dustpan to clean out dust, dirt, and grime from a surface. However, this only works well when they’re talking about cleaning their homes; using the same tactic to sweep an entire roadway, district, or city block would be very inefficient and time consuming. This is the reason why various utility crews opt to use heavy-duty street sweepers instead when faced with the job of cleaning an entire neighborhood.

These vehicles employ various tools for the simple task of sweeping out dirt from the road. The most common types are conventional broom sweepers and the more modern air sweepers. Contrary to what the name implies, broom sweepers actually use water jets in tandem with large scrubbers for cleaning, while some variants also use a vacuum machine to suck up the refuse missed by the scrubbers.

On the other hand, air sweepers live up to their name since they use air jets to blow dirt from surfaces and suck all of it into a container, much like a household vacuum cleaner. These systems use regenerative air which circulates between the sweeper and the road. Filters are installed so that the air is cleaned as it is blown back into the surface to pick up more dirt.

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