Crocs Underfoot

The urban legend that crocodiles live in sewers, deep beneath the bustling metropolises all over America is more widespread than you think. While there have been a few cases over the years, the sewers are no place for these reptiles. You’re more likely to see hot Mexican dinners, super chocolate birthday cakes, and other food that the average person consumes down the sewers. Thank goodness for sewer cleaners, then; without them, the sewers could be a darker, scarier place than they are now.

While there’s little chance of giant reptiles bursting out of the pipes and devouring the hapless populace, there’s always the possibility of sewer lines breaking because of clogs. This highlights the role of cleaners even more. Negligence of sewer maintenance could mean widespread devastation enough to make people lose their lunches. With highly advanced equipment than can siphon even the vilest of sewers clean, these people bring their own brand of peace and justice in their own subtle way.

At the end of the day, even the late Steve Irwin won’t be able to handle the monster that lurks underground. Who can really fight onrushing fecal and biological waste? Good thing there are special “monster hunters” for that who are always there to save the day. Otherwise, everyone’s in deep doo-doo.

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