Tools of the Street Sweeping Trade

Street sweeping is literally a dirty job, but it’s one instance when businesses would gladly get their hands dirty. Street sweeping is becoming a promising venture that can be a money-maker for anyone brave enough to take a chance at it. Just like any profit-oriented enterprise, a street cleaning business should have the proper permits, ingenuous people, and the right tools to get going.

A company in the business of cleanliness cannot operate without a sweeper. This mechanical implement, usually hoisted in trucks, can clear debris within minutes and brush side streets, thoroughfares, and other roads or spots vehicles and people frequent. Street sweepers typically have water pumps to ensure meticulous cleaning.

Another common tool in the street sweeping trade is a cleaning cart. This is a waste collector on wheels that have different bins where trash can be collected and sorted later. Cleaning carts also have other features called street orderlies and sack hoops where brooms, shovels, and trash bags kept in order.

A street cleaning business wouldn’t be able to make a clean sweep of profits without litter baskets. These containers are strategically placed around communities to discourage throwing of garbage in the streets. Litter baskets also encourage to properly dispose large quantities of debris, making collection by municipal trucks easier.

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