Down The Toilet and Into Oblivion

When it comes to doing the number two in your bathroom, the usual mantra that applies is “out of sight, out of mind”. People don’t generally care where their waste goes as long as it’s not right back out of the toilet, so whenever the sewage system is doing its job well, there isn’t usually a second thought given to this topic. What many fail to appreciate is that sometimes, the big leagues need to be called in to clean up a sewer line.

Armed with trucks built for powerful suction and cleaning, sewage cleaners play a role that helps in keeping people’s new lunches in their stomachs. After all, no one wants to get reacquainted with food they’ve eaten, passed, and forgotten already so all that sewage has to go somewhere they can be processed properly. Entire cities and towns rely on these cleaners to get rid of unwanted waste, so just imagine if sewage cleaners were to suddenly disappear from the face of the earth. It’s a revolting thought, but one that makes you appreciate such dirty jobs even more.

The next time you flush your toilet without the line getting clogged or backing up, take the time to appreciate your local sewer cleaner’s diligence. After all, without them the world might just be a dirtier, less sanitary place.

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