Street Sweeping Business Promises Clean Sweep of Profits

Street sweeping is literally a dirty business. However, it is one clean and sure way of making money if run scrupulously and properly. With the right connection to corporate organizations, city governments and other establishments that need professional services, street cleaning promises to rake in hefty profit.

How does one buy into this action? First, a prospective street sweeping company owner will have to sign up for certification with the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA), and permission from the Department of Transportation. NAPSA knows the business inside out and would be helpful with strategies that a new investor could implement to get ahead early in the operation. The local transport department, on the other hand, will be there to check the capability of equipment drivers, and has comprehensive safety guidelines for street sweepers.

Securing insurance and a license to operate (at the local county clerk) is next. In some states, sweeping services need to post a bond. For government contracts, there is a bidding process an owner should be familiar with if he is so inclined to doing street cleaning for the city.

The right tools and equipment will be important as well. Some street cleaning implements include mechanical broom sweepers, dump trucks, signages and other effects the cleaning team will need to deliver great service.

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