Sewer Cleaning: Not Without Technology

Unprotected, undeterred, and unheard; these three words best describe Rewa Ram, a sewer cleaner in India whose life as one raised questions about the country’s spending. He enters the sewers under Delhi wearing no more than a pair of gloves and underpants. He told BBC that he’s fine with “smelling death” at every corner. He’s one of the dozens of unsung heroes making sure Delhi citizens live with a clean bill of health.

As much as many appreciate his efforts, entering the sewers without protective gear, let alone the right equipment, is downright dangerous. There has been a call for increased attention to sewer cleaning, especially given the fact that the country is in for big changes in the coming years. Today’s methods for improving the quality of life must incorporate technology. In this case, unprotected cleaners should have been replaced by mobile cleaning equipment and cleaners in complete cleaning gear.

There’s still a need for people to go down the depths of the sewers but not without proper protection. There’s still a need to keep the sewers of bustling metros and municipalities clean but not without the right equipment. Sewer trucks and cleaning gear form an interesting combination without eliminating the human factor entirely. Cleaning the sewers is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, which is why the risks for those who do it must be reduced.

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