Blast the Past: Cleaning Old Sewer Filth

Contrary to how popular media depicts sewers as vast underground complexes with rivers of murky water, real sewers are a lot filthier, smellier, and are mostly composed of small pipes. They’re also incredibly hard to clean, although that’s to be expected from a system that regularly takes in filth. Sewage is also not just composed of some dark liquid; it’s a sinister combination of various solid, liquid, and semi-solid wastes in varying degrees of decay and ruin.

Since sewage is composed of various bits and pieces, it’s no surprise that the sludge can build up within portions of the piping. The disgusting mishmash can effectively choke piping, and could either cause sewage to back up and overflow, or make the piping swell and crack. Neither result is any pleasant, hence, it’s important to clean and maintain drainage and sewer systems.

Perhaps the most effective way to clear out sewer blockage is to utilize a sewer jetter. The device is composed of a pressure washer that’s hooked to a very long hose with a specialized nozzle. The nozzle on the end is designed to shoot a stream of high-pressure water that can flay waste apart and blast holes through clogs. Not only are these devices effective, they also prevent maintenance crew from having to manually dig out the foul matter, which can be an extremely nauseating job.

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